Social Services and Healthcare Centre of Pori

Who are we?

Social Services and Healthcare Centre of Pori promotes and supports the overall well-being, health and safety. Our services include primary health care, substance abuse and mental health services, hospital services, rehabilitation services, the elderly and disabled services, family counselling, adult social work and child protection.

We have 125 service places in Pori, Ulvila and Merikarvia. We provide the required services according to the needs of the clients for 103 000 municipal citizens. It’s easy to use these services and if it’s necessary we will offer services at home. Our operating model is based on services, which the population needs, on prevention and on multi-professional work. We have 2,746 employees. We aim for collaborative provision of transformative expertise

Why we are participating in the project

We need auditing tool to assure quality of our practice placements and this way to reduce single auditings.  We believe that this auditing tool enables to connect students’ needs and the quality of the practice placement. At the same time, we are developing the equal mentoring quality of our units. With this project, we are aiming to increase potential practice placements for international students’ in city of Pori. We want to maintain and develop Satakunta region as an international place to work and study.

Our role in the project

City of Pori is a long-term cooperation partner of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.  Our contribution to this project is the long-term knowledge of guiding international students. We also have experience of former auditing. We have gathered existing standards and we will be testing a draft of auditing tool. Finally we will be piloting the actual auditing tool.

Our Team

Päivi Granfors

Päivi Granfors

Registered nurse

Päivi is a registered nurse currently working in the Acute Home Centre, being involved with the joint actions of acute nursing from e.g. Home Hospital, Security Phone team, mobile nursing team and geriatric evaluation team. Her work addresses to acute nursing requirements with multiprofessional approach in each of the teams. Ms. Granfors is the lead tutor in her organisation units both for national and international students/trainees.

Satu Tuoriniemi

Satu Tuoriniemi

Project Secretary

Satu, BBA, is an experienced project administrator/secretary whose duties includes staff recruitment and international relations. She has extensive and in-depth knowledge of the entire Social services and Health Care Centre of Pori and has also functioned as a secretary for projects aiming to develop nursing practice. Ms Tuoriniemi will co-ordinate the Social Services and Healthcare Centre of Pori team to support and implement the workpackages as required within Finland.

Kristiina Aallanto

Kristiina Aallanto

Nursing coordinator

Kristiina works as an nursing coordinator in hospital services of Pori Social and Healthcare Center. She leads and improves nursing activities in collaboration with the ward sisters. Her role in the Healint-project is to guide and support Pori team members as a supervisor and nursing specialist.