BREAKING NEWS: IWA 35 just published by ISO!

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has just published the International Workshop Agreement (IWA 35) “Quality of learning environments for students in the healthcare professions – Requirements for healthcare education providers in care settings“.

IWA 35, which was based on the HEALINT Protocol, was developed by a group of 87 Experts, representing 71 organizations from 25 countries across the globe, including representatives of the HEALINT Consortium partners. The participants started with the base text provided by the HEALINT Protocol and transformed it into a version which reflects the international consensus.

The group held six online meetings in the spring-summer 2020, at different times to make participation accessible across different hemispheres, with an average of 40 participants per meeting. The participants worked tirelessly for long hours and the meetings had lively discussions with many different points of view being shared by participants from different cultures, all held in good spirits and tempered with a dose of good humour, under the moderation of the co-convenors (Carol Hall and Sandra Feliciano, from the University of Nothingham and the Knowledge Innovation Centre, respectively) and the brilliant guidance of the experienced Sally Swingewood from the British Standards Institute (BSI), which was of paramount importance for the effectiveness and efficiency of the work at hand and the success of its results.

IWA 35 can now be purchased at the ISO store.

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